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Litigation Advocacy

Experienced.  Effective.  Professional.

Managing Legal Strategies

Preparing for a legal case requires a certain balancing with a broad look at the many concerns involved while also drilling down to get to the real issues at the core of the matter.  By filtering out the fluff to narrow the genuine issues in dispute, the truly pertinent evidence and facts are revealed and, where possible, hostilities between the parties are minimized.  When efforts to resolve as manner issues as possible before entering a courtroom, the combative nature of litigation can be reduced and made more efficient.  By seeking to practively resolve the minor issues, the litigation focus can then take on the deeper concerns that are at stake as the true crux of the matter.

Detailed Approach

With more than twenty-five (25) years of experience, Ian Wilkinson, referred to affectionately by colleagues and clients alike as the Legal Eagle, knows that every legal case is unique.  Ian believes that every legal case should receive the kind of attention that is based both from the view of many years of experience while also from the view that each case should be reviewed as if the issue is the 'first time' for everything.  Accordingly, Ian, as the Legal Eagle, looks through keen eyes seeking every glimpse that may relevant and become an important turning point.  Among other things, this highly detail-oriented approach helps to avoid, or minimize, the sudden surprises common to the litigative process.

Delivering, Exceeding, Satisfying

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