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I am a paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Ontario (2007) with 27 years experience and a law degree from University of London (2010).  My scope of practice includes litigation in Small Claims Court, Landlord-Tenant Services, Traffic, Provincial Offences and Summary Conviction Criminal Offences.  For your interest and better understanding of the law, this section on law notes will contain points on law from an academic perspective ...  what you would learn at law schoool.   Please understand that these notes are taien rom my LL.b. at University of London, England and while the concepts and principles may be the similar this information should not be construed to apply to Canadian Law as such.  However, I do intend to translate the concepts with updated equivalent Canadian law as I am able.  For the time being, I offer these notes purely for educational purposes and stress that they are in no way to be taken as legal advice. 

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