Contract Law

Aside from the general Theory of Contract, here is a list of Contract law topics that may affect your case:

1.      Formations of a Contract

a.      Agreement

b.      Offer and Acceptance

c.      Certainty and Mistake

d.      Consideration and Form

e.      Intention to Create Legal Relations

2.      Content and Terms

a.      3rd Party Rights

b.      Sources of Contractual Terms

c.      Classification of Contract Terms

d.      Exclusion Clauses

3.      Vitiation

a.      Duty to Disclose Material Facts & Misrepresentation

b.     Common Mistake and Frustration

c.      Illegality

d.     Capacity

e.      Duress and Undue Influence

f.      Inequality of Bargaining Power and Unconscionability 

4.      Discharge and Performance

a.      Breach

b.      Damages for Breach

c.      Obtaining an Adequate Remedy

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