Tort Law Claim / LawsuitTort is a funny sounding word derived from the Latin word 'tortum' and is loosely meaning wrong or wrongful.  In law, tort falls into the area of civil law other than breach of contract or breach of fiduciary duty, involving rights of action (the right to sue) for a remedy such as compensation for harm caused by the tort.  The first known use of the word tort within a legal proceeding was in 1597, when Galileo was still alive, as within the case of Boulton v. Hardy, (1597), 77 E.R.  216.

Within the area of tort law are common matters involving negligence such as failure to keep walkways safe resulting in a 'slip & fall'.  Other 'torts' include intentionally wrongful conduct such as deceit, harassment, defamation involving libel or slander, conspiracy, and interference in contractual or economic relationships.

See below for more information about some of the more common torts:

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